Our Services

  • App & Web Development

    Website or Mobile app design & Development as your requirement from CMS by Wordpress or built easier static website.

  • Web Hosting Server

    Experience the speed of our web hosting server with more high security.

  • Cloud Instance

    Manage Dedicated Server for your web application and give with professional the maintain solutions.

  • Cyber Security

    Give solutions to be safe from the dangers of the hacking and solutions to protection your website.

  • DNS / CDN

    We understand it's a mess, but we provide service configure DNS zone or Config CDN (Content Delivery Network) for upspeed and get more security for your domain and website with our professional experience.

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    Who we are?

    Sitewonders is an independent UX/UI design & Web/App development thai freelancer team based from Phuket, Thailand. We believe in the potential of information technology and are ready to help your organization make good use of technology. Effective Create an advantage over competitors We are a group of people committed to making technology more friendly to people.

    Our goal is to use our expertise in designing and developing modern applications and complete systems to increase everyone’s sales value at an affordable price. And ready to provide more service for you with our skills and experience more 10 year.

    CMS Development
    Front-end Development
    Back-end Development

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    Sitewonders Development

    Intelligent Web & Application

    • Wordpress Theme & Plugins

      WordPress for CMS have more usage is widespread nowadays. We provide website themes and plugin development services from PHP language as your requirement.

    • Static Website & PWA

      Static website development under modernization programming language such as Angular / Vue or NuxtJS to develop your website to be more modern. and has a higher level of cyber security by Javascript frameworks.

    • Hybrid Mobile Application

      This solution is a blend for IOS & Android, of both native and web solutions. Where the core of the application is written using Javascript technologies, which are then encapsulated within a native application. These applications still can have full access to the mobile device’s features.

    • E-Commerce Website

      We can develop ecommerce website + integrate any payment gateway as you want from Woocommerce or Opencart and Shopify. But the key is to use scripts correctly, in order to have a positive effect on SEO with your website.

    • Back-end & API Integration

      We can develop the back-ends and did API Integration for your web or your application from NodeJS or PHP, or even Wordpress API as well.

    • Automation Back-end Service

      Whether it's real-time operation or partial automation.

      Sitewonders Cloud

      High-Speed Cloud Instance Platform

      • Shared Web Hosting Server

        This is "Starter" Our Web Hosting Packages under largest cloud instance server platform provided you right now and currently serving many client websites.

      • Dedicated Hosting Server

        This is Dedicated Web Hosting Server on Cloud which your website able to separate from the shared hosting whether for different security settings or using multiple websites at the same time. However, you will get faster results as well. And it saves if you have more sites to maintain.

      • WHM/cPanel Hosting Server

        We have distributor cPanel & WHM system and including installation service on Dedicated Server for you can easy to maintain your website, easier to manage doman names or emails.

      • Linux/Unix Server

        We can maintain Linux Server if you have this. Or creating Dedicated Server for you if you want. Linux Server comes with Highly secure servers and so much stable for web application.

        IT Services Solution

        Creative Online Solutions for your business

        • DNS/CDN Service

          We understand it's a mess, but we provide service configure DNS zone or Config CDN (Content Delivery Network) for upspeed and get more security for your domain and website with our professional experience.

        • Cyber Security

          This has become a necessity nowadays! It is to set up and install a security solution for your website or server to make it more secure. Mitigate vulnerabilities according to OWASP standards.

        • Certificate License

          We provide installation and license purchase for your websites and applications. Includes advice for free licenses on your server for the best solutions to fix and protection.

        • AWS / Digital Ocean Support

          We can help to advice and manage your AWS (Amazon Web Service) account and Digital Ocean account if you can't manage on that or have concerns in taking care that's.

        • Web Maintenance Service

          We can maintain your website by monthly or yearly if you want. Regular maintenance of a website that is used always ensures no disruption to your online services. and can continue to provide services without interruption.

          Our Clients

          Thank you to all customers from our hearts for using our services. and still used our services that's no matter how many situations we go through. We are ready to provide fair and standard service, always solving various problems for customers..

          Our Team

          We would like to introduce key members of the team who main person to takes care of our various tasks.

          Ton Sanitprem

          Phuket, Thailand

          Founder, Handle Fullstack Web - PWA and Hybrid Mobile App development, Web Design and Wordpress Development, handle Cloud Instance, Email Server, handle Digital Marketing, Email for Marketing and SEO/SEM and business development.

          Edward Hernandez

          Malvar, Philippines

          Handle backend side and IOS/Android Mobile App Development, handle DevOPS, QA & Automation Testing